guysit’s funny how you can feel like youhave a really quiet area nobody’s in theschool it’s a nice easy time to to filma video and then the birds outside gonuts on you if you hear them i’m sorryabout thatguys my name is bill jones i’m the headinstructor of top level martial arts inbeautiful downtown cuyahoga fallsyou’re watching professor’s corner i’m ablack belt under master pedro sauer andtony rinaldi don’t forget to likesubscribe do all those youtube things ifthere’s a button that i haven’t heardabout yet it’s got like polka dots orit’s really cool go ahead and click thatone too we’ll see what it does togetherall right guysuh today i wanted to talk about weightcuts you know um i have a lot ofcompetitors and i get the question a lotof times you know hey billthere’s i’m i’m you know an ultraheavyweight and there’s this divisionfor like 225 and below you know should igo into that or hey i i’m weighing in atlike175 should i cut down to 169 to be inthe next next weight downumso let’s talk about that a little bitbut before we do let me give you alittle bit of background on mebecause obviously i know brazilian jiujitsu but not everybody understands oreven knows of my other certificationsand things that i’ve done in my life soi do have a degree in exercisephysiologyand i’ve also certified cscs through thenational strength conditioningassociation so when it comes to strengthand conditioning um the ideas of weightcuts things like that i i’m i’m wellversed and i’ve seen a lot of it in mylifetime um and on top of that uhwhile i’m not a nutritionist by anymeans actually that i have some friendsthat i consult with when i need morenutritional advicei’m pretty good with some of that stuffumsoweight cuts what’s the point how shouldyou do it you know should i should i cutdown for this tournament well let’sstart and talk about why weight cuts areeven a thing why do people even do thisand it all that comes down to what’scalled strength to weight ratio whatyou’re really attempting to do in aweight cut is be as light as possiblebut be as strong as possiblesothe higher your strength to weight ratiothe more likely you are to be able tooutperform other people in your divisionwith that said there’s some downsides toweight cuttingone it’s just really not that good foryou if you do it incorrectly two youtend to go in with a lot less energyand when you don’t have energy itdoesn’t matter how strong you are youdon’t have the energy to fuel thosemuscles to actually even use thatstrengthand then on top of that like you can bemore susceptible to things likeconcussions and and injurysoshould you wait cutwell i’m gonna say it like this itdepends there’s a couple differentsituations that you should be looking atif you have time to cut the weighthealthfullymeaning one to two pounds a weekup to the tournamentthen yeah you should wait cutif you’re gonna have to do a 10 or 11pound weight cut in a week i think it’sa terrible idea i’ve never been a fan ofthat i think it should be outlawed infightingit leads to higher rates of concussionsand you’re just going to get hurtnowwhy though what if you’re trying to getinto what if you’re trying to say winworldswell there’s no doubt that in ibgfworlds when you’re trying to become aworld champion that you want the higheststrength to weight ratio that you canhavethere’s no arguing that that’s true ofany sport anywhereso how do you make that happenwell the answer is don’t start cuttingweight and don’t start trying to get toyour weightsix weeks before your tournamenti would argue with you that if you’retrying to be a world champion and you’renot paying attention to your weight oryou know what you’re eating or anythinguntil six weeks before your tournamentyou haven’t really been trying to be aworld champion that’s justa dreamto do this properly you need to giveyourself a full yearyou know you need to set up a cycle ofworking out a cycle of training that’sgoing to benefit you and put you at theweight or at least very close to theweight that you need to be at forcompetitionover timebecauseto have the highest strength weightratio you’re also going to want to gainmuscle massyou want to gain muscle mass lose uhlose all the rest of that weight that uhyou know most the time when you’re whenyou’re when you’re dropping weight realfast it’s just water weight anywayand i say anyway as though it’s notimportant it’s extremely important itprotects your brainsoyou want to gain the muscle early andthen start cutting weight later so thatyou can be at the weight you want to bewhen the tournament comesnow let’s talk about the other97 percent of the jiu jitsu populationmost of you are not trying to win theworlds most of you are not going to panams most of you are not going to adccand if you’re not doing thosetournaments i’m going to tell you ithink it is a complete waste of effortand time to start doing weight cuts forthemwhywelllet’s say you’re an accountantyou know you’re you’re john fromaccountinginin a law firmand you need to have meetings fridaymorning before the tournament becausethat’s your job you need to be there forhim you need to be alert you need to bereadythe last thing you want to be affectingwith your regular life is your hobbylifelikeyou can’t let that happenright because one is going to sustainyou and support you and your family andone is definitely not the other one isreally cool and andi hate to useany martial art as though it’s a hobbybut the simple fact is for most peoplethat’s what it is it’s a hobby of somesort it may be a hobby that you love itmay be a hobby that you’ll never everquitbutthat’s what you’re doingand if youget hurt doing your hobbiesumand andmake no mistake cutting weight can hurtyouthen you’re more likely to not do yourhobby and i want you to stay in jiujitsu for as long as possibleso it’s likeif i’m in the and i’m making up thesebrackets because they’re different withwith all different uhorganizations but let’s say i’m i’m inthesuper heavy division so for me i weigh250 poundsuh typically the next one to get down towould be like 220. so i have to drop 30poundslet’s say that i say okay well there’s athere’s a tournament in four months i’mgoing to drop those 30 poundsi think the argument could be made thatit’s healthy to drop those 30 poundsanyway but let’s let’s just say that i ido it i shoot downyou know i get there you know a weekbefore the tournament i’ve got 10 poundsleft to drop i’m not drinking water i’mnot lucid for my my workmy work at actual work starts to declinei go to the tournament i don’t have allthe energy i need and i do bad anywaywhat what did i gain out of thatnothing if anything i looked like ajackass at workand i lost a bunch of weight and if igot thrown hard and hit my head or gottwisted up and hurt my ribs you knownow i’m just injured and unhealthyso i thinkmy opinion on this is becoming veryclear to most of you i think it’s acomplete waste of time and effort formost of you to be trying to drop weightfor tournamentswith that saidum there’s one more reason that i don’tlike dropping weight for tournamentsi have done i have weight cut twice fortournaments in my life um so once i dropfrom215 to 205 so that i could be in the 195to 205 divisionum and once i dropped from 250 down to i think it was 230something it might even been 220something so that i could be in the nextdivision downon both occasionsmy brackets got combined anyway becausethere weren’t enough people in theindividual bracketsmeaningi dropped from250 to 2 to 230 or 229 or whatever itwasjust to roll people who were 240 and 250poundswowthat was not good umi didn’t feel great i didn’t have enoughenergythe weight cut came too fastespecially at the end of itand i just didn’t feel goodsame thing happened when i went down to205.there was nobody in the 195 division sothey just combined me with a guy who was240 and another one who was 260. thatwas my first tournament by the way itwas when i was a blue beltand solike i find that that happens a lot topeople is they’ll drop a bunch of weightand then realize that their divisionsare getting combined anywayandwhile that’ll never happen to you at theibjjf let’s be real clear because theyhave enough competitors that that that’snot going to be the casethat happens all the time at local localtournamentsso i don’t think it’s worth your time todo that i think your time and yourefforts and your energies for especiallyfor local tournaments are better spentcreating strategies for for jiu jitsulearning learning and understandingtechnical choicesas tactical choices like so i i have atechnique i want to employ i want to beas good as possible with that techniquebut i also want to make sure i’mchoosing the correct techniques that’s atactical choice uh for for what it isi’m trying to accomplish rightum if you’ve ever gone out there andjust kind of rolled in the gymand just rolled to do whatever you’remaking no tactical choices right you’rejust letting whatever happens happenwellmost of the time that’s not a goodstrategy for tournaments you need tomake tactical choices as well how closeam i into the boundaries how much timeis left what’s the scoreboard look likeyou know these things are going tomatterwhere’s my coach sitting versus where’stheir coach sitting because guess whatif you can keep the match closer to yourcoach than to their coach that’s abenefit to you these are all tacticalchoices that you’re going to make andyou’re going to do things that help youwith thisi think your energies and time arebetter spent learning that kind of stuffthan trying to drop a bunch of weight togo into division that may not even existwhen you get thereso i hope this is helpful guys let meknow what questions you have like i saidi am certified strength conditioningspecialist i uh i have been for years umand exercise physiologist so done a lotwith like exercise modalities and suchif you want nutrition questions go aheadput them in the comments some of myfriends who are here are much betterthan with nutrition than i am so i’lllet them answer those uh butguys let me know have you cut weight fortournaments and how did it go for youdid did it work out you know did youfeel better uh i can tell you most oftimes i did not soanyway guys have a great one don’t godropping a ton of weight for for theselocal tournaments it’s not worth theeffortspend your time in the academy gettingbetter at jiu jitsu i’ll talk to youlater

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