Internal links form a crucial part of a highly effective SEO strategy. They serve to establish an information hierarchy for the given website and spread link equity around pages. Link equity, sometimes referred to as link juice, is a ranking factor based on the idea that certain links pass value and authority from one page to another.

Internal links guide your visitors to what they are trying to find, thereby improving their user experience. An intuitive internal linking structure can lower bounce rates as visitors have an easier time navigating your site. Furthermore, these links enable search engine robots to crawl and index your site appropriately.

While there is no strict rule for the number of internal links to be used on a page, they should indeed be used judiciously. It’s essential to ensure that the links are relevant and provide value to your audience.

To summarize, incorporating a strategic internal linking structure is a worthwhile effort that can significantly improve your website’s SEO, usability, and conversion rates. It aids search engines and users alike in navigating your site and highlights your most important pages, helping you to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

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